15 January, 2018

What is Ecotourism?

When you travel responsibly, what do you look for? Do you look for philanthropic opportunities, organizations that preserve and respect nature, or something else? Ecotourism has […]
17 September, 2018
How Does Nature Impact Culture?

How Does Nature Impact Culture?

We love nature as much as we love community, and we love sharing these natural treasures with our friends who visit us. Nature is more than […]
17 October, 2018

Meet Peta: Keeping the Farm Alive

While traveling the south of Baru we met one of the last farmers on the island, Peta. Taroa Adventures was able to learn a bit about […]
9 November, 2018

Why We Preserve Culture

Cultures are defined by the people in them, so they ebb and flow and change as the communities that celebrate them change. In the modern world […]