Taroa adventures accepts the commitment to work, to preserve the environmental sustainability of our country at all levels of our operations and services from the environmental, social, cultural and economics. We also promote excellent social, cultural, economic and environmental practices in the various destinations around the country where we market and operate. This ensures we are continuously improving processes in all our areas of action.


The following are the ethical principles we are committed to, which also comply with current regulations:


  • Share and promote good sustainability practices among our team, suppliers, customers and the general public.
    Being responsible with the use of natural resources, making our staff and visitors aware of the impact we have on our ecosystem.
    We rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to the fulfillment of the law 679 of 2011.and Law 1336 of 2009).
  • Encourage the visit and natural and cultural wealth through our tourist attractions, making employees, clients and suppliers aware of their conservation through experiential experiences.
  • We promote good use of water, power and minimization of waste generation.
  • We link at all levels of our operation a staff of local communities in fair conditions without any social, cultural or religious discrimination, with the aim of generating a positive impact on their quality of life.
  • We´re in compliance with the Law 397 of 1997 against the traffic of Cultural Heritage.
  • We´re in compliance with the Law 599 of 2000 and the Decree 1608 of 1978 against the traffic of species like flora and wild fauna
  • We are responsible for informing, sensitizing, avoiding and denouncing any practices that promote illicit trafficking in cultural property and species of flora and fauna.
  • We are a company committed to maintain constant actions that avoid and / or minimize a negative impact and likewise we maintain and generate actions that promote a positive impact on the sociocultural performances that involve our services.




TAROA ADVENTURES promotes sustainable tourism making special emphasis on the preservation of the cultural heritage, both material and immaterial. In that way we contribute to the enrichment and quality of life of the local populations.
Basic concepts to consider the Material or tangible heritage, as it name implies, is any material culture that is tangible or that we can touch. This is subdivided into two types:


  • Immovable heritage: it is what cannot be moved and comprises cities, squares, parks, buildings, among others.
  • Movable heritage: this includes bibliographic collections, documentaries, monuments on public spaces, sculptures, artworks, household utensils, etc.


Immaterial or intangible heritage are manifestations, expressions, knowledge and practices that give a community and human group a sense of identity, of belonging and historical continuity. These manifestations are transmitted from generation to generation.
In this sense, TAROA ADVENTURES gives the following recommendations to their customers.


  1. Do not commercialize or foment the sale, traffic or exhibitions of archeological pieces and cultural belongings, unless you count with the respective licenses, for the sole purpose of exhibition.
  2. Keep in mind that communities are the only ones that can decide the aspects of their cultural traditions which they desire to share with visitors and the level of interaction desired.
  3. Take into account the recommendations to enter, behavior, permanency, respect and conservation of the different touristic destinations visted


TAROA ADVENTURES is willing to support organizations and competent entities in their campaigns focused on the prevention of illicit traffic of cultural property. To this end, we support the actions carried out by the Ministry of Culture at the Colombian level and by the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports at the Bogota level.


We respect and promote the preservation of our cultural heritage in accordance with Law 1185 of 2008, which safeguards, protects, recovers, conserves, sustains and educates people about a country’s cultural heritage. We also support the prevention and rejection of illicit trafficking of cultural properties in accordance with Law 63 of 1986, which approves the “agreement of measures to be taken to prohibit and prevent the import, export and transfer of illicit cultural goods,” signed in Paris November 17, 1970.





TAROA ADVENTURES promotes sustainable tourism making special emphasis on the preservation of natural heritage, understanding this includes natural monuments, geological formations, places and natural landscapes within the territory, which have an exceptional universal value from an esthetic, scientific and environmental point of view.
The natural heritage is formed by:


  • Biosphere Reserves. They are terrestrial and / or marine ecosystems protected by States and the World Biosphere Network, whose main function is the conservation of the planet’s biodiversity and sustainable use. They are laboratories that study the integrated management of land, water and biodiversity.
  • Natural monuments. It is a natural element of singular scenic, geological, historical or even symbolic value and whose conservation advises a special type of protection, since normally they are outside of an environment susceptible of having superior protection.
    Reserves and national parks. Areas in which its extension allows ecological self-regulation, whose ecosystems have not been substantially altered by human exploitation or occupation and where plant and animal species, geomorphological complexes and historical or cultural manifestations have national scientific, educational, aesthetic and recreational value.
  • Sanctuaries of nature. Those terrestrial or marine sites that offer special possibilities for studies and geological, paleontological, zoological, botanical or ecological studies, or that possess natural formations, the conservation of which is of interest to science or to the State.


In this regard, TAROA ADVENTURES gives the following recommendations to their customers.


  • Do not extract species of flora and / or fauna from their natural habitat. This is an environmental crime.
  • Do not introduce exotic species of fauna and flora. This causes serious alterations in the natural habitat of species of flora and fauna and in their trophic chains.
  • Do not feed wild animals directly. Feeding must be controlled and advised by wildlife management experts.
  • Do not make excessive noises as they can alter the natural environment of local fauna.
  • Do not make fires or bonfires. Since the gases produced can be toxic and can cause serious damage to the ecosystems and communities where they are made.
  • Do not dispose of solid waste generated improperly.
  • Take into account the recommendations of entrance, behavior, permanence, respect and conservation specific of these tourist destinations.


TAROA ADVENTURES is committed to support organizations and competent entities in their campaigns focused on the prevention of illicit traffic in flora and fauna. To this end, we support the actions carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development at the Colombian level, the Regional Autonomous Corporations at the regional level and the District Environmental Secretariat at Bogota level.