We specialize in highlighting the rich Nature and Culture of the Colombian Caribbean. We curate unique trips in new and little known places where our travelers can connect with Colombia´s authentic local culture and the region nature to facilitate a positive exchange of experiences between travelers and the local communities.



Great cultural trip! This was a wonderful trip that all of us enjoyed. My kids and I spent the day with Olinto and Marina and learned about culture, nature and history. Highly recommend.
Renata S
July 23, 2022.
Very well organized and beautiful trip This trip was excellent! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see tropical forest while in Cartagena, Colombia. It was exactly as advertised and very well organized. As far as I can tell, this is a unique day trip for Cartagena because there's very little forest in the area.
David G
July 21, 2022.
Jungle Hike This was the highlight of my time here in Columbia. The tour guide was ver knowledgeable and kind. He did a good job of ensuring we had a good time, and the local guide he introduced us to was very welcoming and gave us some delicious popsicle like treats that were very refreshing after the hike. I recommend this to anyone who come to visit Cartagena.
Karly G
July 7, 2022.
Just the adventure we needed! Perfect get away from the city. Olinto and Rodrigo were wonderful guides on this adventure. The "hike" is lovely to the petroglyphs. One never knows what you are going to see and that's the beauty of it. Seeing the petroglyphs at the end was the icing on the cake! Not only was the hiking memorable so was the lunch. Some people might think it's silly to go out to "hang" with the locals outside of the city. It's nice to be exposed to food and culture you won't get in the city. The food was delicious. The band was a special treat. We very much enjoyed listening to them. If you're looking for something off the beat n path look no further. If we knew that Oli offered other tours we would have taken them as well... next time!
Cynthia B
July 6, 2022.
A can't miss experience - From Sea to Mountains Sierra Nevada 2 day Tour If you are crunched for time, and want to see everything the Sierra Nevada mountain range has to offer, literally from the sea all the way up into the mountains, then you can't pass up this 2 day tour! My sister and I were accompanied by wonderful tour guides, Olinto and Marina on a fun-filled journey through the Sierra Nevada. We covered so much ground and by the end, felt like we had seen it all and hadn't missed out on anything. On day one we took motor bikes to crystal blue and turquoise waters in Tayrona National Park, enjoyed the beach, had lunch, took a boat ride, and went snorkeling and saw a garden of fish and coral. The views of the highest coastal mountains in the world was absolutely breathtaking. We then saw some waterfalls (although it rained a bit, it was still peaceful and beautiful) and headed to Sweet Harmony for the night, a cute and tranquil boutique in the middle of of the mountains. On Day 2 we took a tour of an organic coffee and cacao farm and learned so many interesting things about how those two crops are grown and harvested. There were even some fun surprises afterwards and we got to sample the coffee and cacao. The drive is long, but it was well worth the trip. The time went by fast because you got to see more of Colombia outside your window on the drive. Olinto and Marina made this tour extra special. They are so kind, were extremely accommodating, and by the end felt more like friends than our tour guides. I HIGHLY recommend this tour.
Ashley R
June 5, 2022.
A great excursion for your trip to Cartagena We had a great day with Olinto and Rodrigo on this excursion. His pre-departure email prepared us for the gear we needed, and he provided us with much appreciated poles for water crossings. Oli provided us with breakfast from his favorite arepa stand, and then drove us in his comfortable LandCruiser to the Montes de Maria for our hike. Olí is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, and the local guide, Rodrigo, can spot wildlife like a true expert. We saw monkeys, several birds, mushrooms, and he literally grabbed a small alligator out of a poll adjacent to the stream to show us. The sounds of the forest are amazing, and we loved seeing the petroglyphs which included the jaguar’s footprints. Rodrigo gave us fresh coconut water after the hike, which was so refreshing. Then, we had lunch in San Jacinto, and the musical performance by some members Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto. We learned about the origins of cumbia music which is popular throughout South America, and the performance was amazing too. This excursion is a great contrast to the sights and sounds of Cartagena. We loved our time in Cartagena, and we’re so glad we took this excursion.
Lynn D
May 20, 2022.
More than just a hike Olinto was very knowledgeable and passionate about the forest, he taught us so much about the ecosystem and biodiversity as we hiked. We saw howler monkeys but also butterflies and amazing plants. Olinto took care to make sure the hike met our expectations and it was an amazing experience. Would highly highly recommend!
Ashley S
May 17, 2022.
Was incredible from go! The hike itself was awesome and certainly the highlight was seeing all 3 types of Columbian monkeys. Our guides were amazing in not only leading us to the various animals we found but also taught us about the various plant and tree species! Rarely does something you’ve built up in your mind deliver the dream in you mind…this did and then some. If you are in good shape this is an absolute must do for any lover of nature
Ronald E
May 17, 2022.
Amazing experience "From the sea to the mountains" Our family (parents and 17 yo daughter) had the pleasure of of going on this 36 hour adventure with Taroa. Our guides were Olinta and Marina, and they were great company. They picked us up promptly for our early morning drive out of Cartagena to Tayrona park, and had some delicious arepas con huevos to feed us breakfast along the way. We really enjoyed seeing the sites of Colombia along the way, and Olinta and Marina kept us entertained with good music and interesting facts about the areas. We stopped along the way at a fruit stand, and I had the best mango I have ever eaten. Tayrona was beautiful. We enjoyed the beautiful remote beach, saw a big pufferfish while snorkeling, and had a delicious lunch of local fried fish on the beach. After a windy and picturesque drive to Minca, we settled into the Sweet Harmony guest house where we had a patio overlooking the river. We used a flashlight for the 10-15 minute walk to town (Olinta offered to drive us but we felt like walking) and ate at one of the local restaurants. We really liked Minca and would have been happy to spend more time there. The next morning we took a scenic hike to a local coffee and cacao farm and we all loved the tour (and the coffee). We ate lunch back in Minca at a friend of Olinta's restaurant where we enjoyed a traditional chicken soup, then headed out to hike by a waterfall. Then came the long ride back to Cartagena where we were dropped back at our hotel. Taroa is a great company, and we felt very secure and looked after at all times. It was pleasant having the logistics all arranged and just getting to show up. We were very glad we did this trip and highly recommend it. Since the drive is so long (5 hours each day), it would be great if Taroa offered a 2 night excursion as well (spend the 2nd night in Minca again, then perhaps break up the drive back to Cartagena with some additional sights or activities along the way?) Thanks to Olinta and Marina, you guys are great!
rebecca p
April 27, 2022.