We specialize in highlighting the rich Nature and Culture of the Colombian Caribbean. We curate unique trips in new and little known places where our travelers can connect with Colombia´s authentic local culture and the region nature to facilitate a positive exchange of experiences between travelers and the local communities.


Totally unique Cartagena-adjacent wildlife experience I just don't know how to describe the joy of seeing wild monkeys in a Colombian jungle. I'll never get over it. I'm a nature nerd but stick to day hikes (nothing too extreme). I was looking for a land-based nature experience within a day trip of Cartagena before my city-loving friends arrived and I kept circling back to Orinto's Howling Trail Hike. After some searching, I didn't see anything else like it that I could do in within a single day w/o my own transportation...and definitely not for this tour price. As advertised, Orinto picked us up from your accommodations in Cartagena, drove to breakfast, then to the hike, then for some fruit at the property caretaker's home, then to lunch and then dropped us back off early PM. Both meals were included in the tour price. We visited in June (rainy season) so the hiking trail was 'all terrain' - sand, rock, mud, packed dirt, streams. Orinto brought rubber boots to for us to walk in and he provided trekking poles. Two other locals joined our walk (3 guides, 2 guests!) to help spot wildlife - the kind we wanted to see and anything that we may need to stay away from - and they casually pointed out interesting insects, butterflies, birds, a small tree-dwelling mammal that Orinto had never seen before, a green snake (non-ven) and red howlers and cotton top tamarins (super endangered!). Orinto is fascinating and answered my million questions as he shared about Colombian flora, fauna, cultures, food, conservation, politics (only b/c I asked), etc. I could not recommend this experience more highly.Tips: 1) it's a Colombian jungle...very hot, very humid, some bugs...come prepared - dress for it (plus hat/sunscreen, bug spray) and have good socks either for your shoes or the borrowed boots, 2) tip the local guides too; ask Orinto if you aren't sure about how that works, 3) listen to Orinto's rules - he knows how to keep you safe and respectful on someone else's land
June 20, 2023.
Discover the Curious Creatures of Colombia off the beaten path outside of Cartagena with the best guide! Nature lovers in Cartagena: this day adventure is for you! During my honeymoon with my husband, I was looking for a way to get out of the city on a hike/into green space to see new animals and creatures, and Olinto's magical immersion checked all of the boxes. Since my husband had been experiencing some foot injuries, I signed up for this solo - the only time we split up during our trip; I do not travel often, have rarely been out of the United States, and speak/understand very little Spanish, but I was in 110% great hands with Olinto. He picked me up right at the front of my hotel in his van and it was smooth sailing all the way to the hidden gem of a tree lined path that he has private access to due to his connections with local farmers/land owners. Once there, two other fellas who lived on the land joined us through the trail, helping to point out all of the monkeys, spiders, snakes, and other creatures and plants at our fingertips. The 3.5 mile walk ended with a delightful rest at the finca with the most deliciously sweet mango and freshly sliced open coconut, sipping the refreshing water right from the source and scraping out the pure white coconut shavings (it is actually soft like egg whites - who knew!?). It was also fun watching the chickens/birds peck at the fruit remnants once we were done. On our drive back to the city, we stopped for lunch at a hostel which included all of the best native fixin's, and Olinto made sure to accommodate my vegetarian food requests for breakfast (which I ate on the drive) and lunch, both of which were included in the cost of the excursion. We had great conversation throughout and it was so fun watching him get just as excited as I was on the trail - he says every day is different and he is always making new discoveries! It was a wonderful energy to be around. 🙂 Oh also he electively took photos/videos of me using his phone on the trail since I didn't have my husband around to do so, which was so sweet. Definitely a highlight of the trip, and I would love to do another one of Olinto's adventures if we come back for more immersions in Colombia. 🙂
June 3, 2023.
Unique/great howler monkey hike experience This was an amazing experience. Super knowledgeable and personal guide and such a unique experience. Not many hikes available around Cartagena but this was a A+. Highly recommend for anyone that is looking for a day away from the city and a great/unique nature experience.
Edward F
April 30, 2023.
Great day on the Howler trail My friend and I went on the Howler hike and it was a fantastic experience. The jungle was teeming with life: we saw howler monkeys, an anteater, thousands of butterflies, lizards, snakes and much more.I've traveled alot and can say without hesitantion that Olinto was one of the best tour guides I've ever had. He has endless information about the forest, Colombia and cartagena and you can really see the passion he has for his job. As an additional cherry on top, I had the fish option for lunch and it was fantastic. This was a perfect day and should be a must do for any nature lover visiting cartagena. 10/10
April 30, 2023.
An Amazing Experience! I would consider this to be more of an educational hike than a strenuous hike (I think Taroa Adventures offers other guided hikes if that is more what you are looking for). It was a wonderful experience. I got to see two different kinds of monkeys (howler monkeys and cotton-top tamarins), some very interesting bird species, and some really cool plant species (e.g., trees with spikes). I also got to learn a lot about the local ecosystems. Olinto was a fantastic guide and was very accommodating. I've been trying to improve my Spanish, so he gave parts of the hike in Spanish. When I had questions on what he said, which was quite often, he would take the time to also explain in English. His English was extremely clear, and there were no problems with communication. I would definitely recommend this hike!
Anthony E
April 29, 2023.
Hike in paradise Very well organised. Experience exceeded my expectations.I not only see Howling monkeys but two other monkey species as well as many other animals, birds, insects like spiders, butterflies, etc., trees and plants.Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and attentive.The dry tropical forests is very beautiful therapeutical place something you would not expect to find just an hour drive out of Cartagena.I would really recommend this tour!
April 9, 2023.
Great experience where only this tour goes!! Nice organization, Olinto knew a lot of things and was really kind, we saw everything we were supposed to see (2 types of monkeys, birds, bugs, spiders, butterflies, etc). It was nice to walk on the dry river as we were on the dry season.The meals are in lical restaurants and are good. Follow the instructions that he sends you since they are important. Would do another tour with him for sure
April 3, 2023.
Amazing opportunity to find unique / unexplored corners of Colombia Yes! An amazing adventure for those seeking unique and unexplored corners of Colombia! We joined Olinto as a family of three - he picked us up precisely on time. After driving out of town, we enjoyed breakfast at a truly local restaurant (great coffee and meal) and then set out for the hike. With the help of our guides, we spotted cotton-top tamarin monkeys, macaws, a sloth and howler monkeys. All of us, including our young, nature-loving son, truly enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience. Olinto was engaged and patiently explained what was unique about the environment and wildlife. The ride back to Cartagena is capped with a delicious lunch outside of town.
John Paul F
March 30, 2023.
Amazing guide ! This day trip in the tropical forest with Olinto was amazing. He came to pick us up at 6am at our accommodation and drove us first to a place to have a good breakfast and then to the forest. He mentioned this place is private and thus exclusive for us. The hike was 3 hours long and very accessible for someone like me who isn’t sportive. We stopped many times to observe the monkeys (we saw a lot!) and the nature. Olinto was a fantastic guide who knows A LOT about the nature, which made the hike very enjoyable.I highly recommend this tour and will not hesitate to contact him for my next trips to Colombia !
Mathilde J
March 26, 2023.
Taroa Adventures tour a MUST do! Olinto from Taroa Adventures was an amazing guide!!!!!!! He is incredibly knowledgeable about the fauna and animals. I would absolutely recommend booking with Taroa Adventures for this tour as it is unique, fascinating and memorable. We saw 2 types of monkeys, sloths, a variety of birds and butterflies & beautiful flowers. The local family that led the way through the forest were so welcoming and kind! Thank you, Olinto for allowing us to experience such an wonderful day!!!
March 25, 2023.